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EA News Research with InCopy Fast Search for Adobe InDesign and InCopy CS6 and CC

01-18-2015 EA News Syndication....

EA News Syndication, LLC uses InCopy for preparation of articles for both print and web consumption. In order to research the content many web searches take place as the content is finalized.

Flash Mobile FastSearch CS6 and CC speed that process allowing the search to take place right fom within InCopy. Ean Ford, Research Coordinator for EA News says, "I have saved myself more than fifty percent of the time to do research as I write our article and vet the content".

It's so much quicker to do the seach from right where you are in the content via point and click with the Fast Search plugin in place. The right tools make the process efficient with a great amount of time saved..

Price Marker uses Fast Fast Fractions for Adobe InDesign and InCopy CS6 and CC

12-6-2014 Price Marker....

Price Marker, Inc. uses Flash Mobile Fast Fractions and Prices in InDesign CS6 and CC when creating print catalogs for its discount retail businesses. Many advertisements and brochures are created with many prices and fractions automatically created with the plugin in place.

Robert Wilford, Content Manager for Price Marker says:

. "FastFractions and Prices allow us to quickly enter content without all the typographic hassles and never have to do all the work for formatted prices and fractions."